IMPORTANT: Changes on Webstore Templates
Fresh from the oven, we've launched our latest, brand new webstore template. The new template comes with awesome features to help you with your webstore sales.
HOWEVER, before we get there, there are some REALLY IMPORTANT things that we would like you to take note before trying out the new template.

We've did some exciting changes on our templates choices and you might realize that all non-mobile friendly templates are not around anymore.
For those who are using mobile-friendly templates
Feel free to play around with the new template, and if you prefer your previous template, you can revert back without losing any changes.
For those who aren't using mobile-friendly templates:
You can still make changes on your templates. But once you switch to a new template, you won't be able to revert back to your previous template anymore. 
You can access the new templates by login into your VK-Cart backend > Webstore> Templates.
We innovated a new layout manager for the new templates, which is not connected to the old layout manager. You will have to start fresh if you are planning to use the new template.
But don't worry as if you revert back to your previous template, your previous changes will still be maintained.