ERP System Onsite Training
ERP System Onsite Training
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- How to integrate with existing marketplaces & sync back product listing
- How to map product listing & inventory for stock control
- How to consolidate orders from multiple sales channels in SiteGiant
- How to customise shipping labels and print orders through SiteGiant
- How to improve picking and packing accuracy with scanning tools
- How to set up your webstore, payment and logistics options
- Discover useful tools to streamline eCommerce operations and reduce workload across all channels

Empower your team with comprehensive ERP system onsite training to optimize your eCommerce operations. Our tailored training program covers essential aspects of integrating with existing marketplaces, streamlining inventory management, and enhancing order processing efficiency.

Training Modules Include:

  1. Integration with Existing Marketplaces: Learn how to seamlessly integrate your ERP system with existing marketplaces and synchronize product listings. Gain insights into automating product updates and maintaining consistency across platforms.

  2. Product Listing & Inventory Mapping: Understand the techniques to effectively map product listings and manage inventory for precise stock control. Discover strategies for avoiding overselling and maintaining accurate stock levels.

  3. Order Consolidation in SiteGiant: Master the process of consolidating orders from multiple sales channels within the SiteGiant platform. Learn to streamline order management and enhance customer satisfaction through centralized order processing.

  4. Customized Shipping Labels & Order Printing: Explore advanced features in SiteGiant to customize shipping labels and efficiently print orders. Enhance branding and professionalism while expediting order fulfillment processes.

  5. Picking and Packing Accuracy Enhancement: Utilize scanning tools to improve picking and packing accuracy in warehouse operations. Learn best practices for implementing barcode scanning technology to minimize errors and optimize order fulfillment.

  6. Webstore Setup & Logistics Configuration: Get hands-on guidance on setting up your webstore and configuring payment and logistics options. Ensure seamless integration with your ERP system and streamline customer checkout experiences.

  7. Discover Efficiency Tools for eCommerce Operations: Explore a range of tools and software solutions to streamline eCommerce operations and reduce workload across all sales channels. Learn how to leverage automation and analytics to drive productivity and growth.

Why Choose Our Training Services?

  • Tailored Training Approach: Our training is customized to your specific business needs and operational requirements.

  • Hands-On Learning: Participants receive practical, hands-on training facilitated by experienced eCommerce professionals.

  • Ongoing Support: We offer post-training support to ensure successful implementation and continued optimization of your eCommerce processes.

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