Live Commerce

Live Commerce

Facebook Live Selling Made Simple



4 simple steps to sell on Facebook Live easily




5 reasons to use Live Commerce



Chance to reach more people

The ability to interact real time on Facebook Live can help you attract a larger audience, generating more online visibility for your brand.



No more manually recording all your live orders

All your bidders’ live orders will be recorded in the system, making it easier for you to retrieve their orders after the live session has ended.



Automated Purchase Procedure

You may choose to send out the purchase link via Messenger to all the winning bidders once a bidder drops a keyword comment or after the live sale session has ended.



Save time from calculating inventory manually

Your stocks will be auto-deducted based on the bidders’ order quantities and you’ll be able to know the balance stock of your product.



Know your best selling product

By looking at the number of bidders and total bids of a product, you will be able to find out which product is in high-demand among your customers.