Mobile App Smart Scan


Mobile App (Smart Scan)

Cross-checking Your Orders with a Smartphone to Prevent Mistake in Order Fulfillment Process



How Does It Work?





For every scan you make, it will show...





Generate Carrier Manifest

You may also generate a carrier manifest using this mobile app, keep it for future reference or print it out for the courier person to sign.



Other Useful Features of Mobile App (Smart Scan)


Track Staff Performance


The Smart Scan tracks your staffs’ performance during order packing. With this, you can monitor the number of orders packed by your staff on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Your best performing staff definitely deserves a reward!



Utilize the smartphone to seamlessly scan your SKU’s barcode or QR code and perform an inventory count of your SKUs. Your stock in hand will then be automatically updated in your store.
(Coming Soon)

Manage Return Orders


You can also perform goods return management for an order with your smartphone. If the returned goods are in good condition, you may opt to restock and sync into inventory.
(Coming Soon)