Payment Reconciliation

Payment Reconciliation

Automate and simplify the cross-checking of Lazada & Shopee overcharges




Have you been paid correctly by marketplaces?
Payment Reconciliation can help!




Top 4 reasons to use Payment Reconciliation



Easily check your marketplaces paid and unpaid orders

By selecting “paid” or  “unpaid” under the payment type, you will be able to filter orders which have been paid or have not been paid by Lazada & Shopee.



Auto-calculate your overcharged shipping fees

It will auto-calculate the difference between Lazada & Shopee-charged shipping fee and customer-paid shipping fee. You’ll no longer have to manually calculate them and can quickly know the amount of overcharged shipping fee.



Export your overcharged statement in CSV file

With just a few clicks, you can easily download the overcharged shipping fee statement in a CSV file and submit it to Lazada & Shopee team to claim for overcharge.



View Lazada successfully claimed amount report

After you have submitted your overcharge claim to the Lazada team, you can check your successfully claimed amount in the Success Claimed Amount Report.