VK-Cart Product Manage

Unlimited Product Options

You may create multiple options for products as you like, such as sizes and colors – each with it’s own price, stock level, reward point and weight. It allows shoppers to browse your product option easily on the same page. Besides you can even create extra text field to let customers fill in, e.g. a florist & gift online store might have delivery date, delivery time, or message needed to capture from customer for each product.


Zoom in to Showcase Big and Beautiful Images

Let your customer zoom in for a closer look for big product image, let them see the finest details of your product image, show them quality of your product before they purchase.


Unlimited Photos for Each Product

Add as many product images as you can for each product, no limitation at all. Showcase your product in different color and angle, let shoppers see as much as possible before buying.


Sell Physical or Downloadable Products

Besides tangible products, you can sell digital download as well (e.g. MP3s, ebook, video, software, etc.). You can add products with associated downloadable content, and your customers can automatically download their files after payment.


Real-time Inventory Management

When an order is placed, inventory is updated automatically. You can also update your stock in batches using spreadsheet (CSV files).


Product Comparison

Let your customer compare easily each of the product details and specification by showing in tabular format.


Product Watermark

Display your own branding in your product thumbnail, useful in preventing someone stolen your product images.


Product Label

You can label your products with different title/images, such as “Hottest”, “Latest”, “Discount”, “Out of Stock”, “Free Shipping”

You may choose from 8 preset labels or upload your own label.


Shop by Price Module & Product Filter

With price range and product filter feature, customers is easier to browse your products.